West and East: No Binaries after Today

Shihada, Isam M. West and East: No Binaries after Today. International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills.


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n “Islam and the Arab awakening" we find that Tariq Ramdan is interested in the relationship between Islam and the West. Besides to the fact being a graduate of Geneva University of philosophy and French literature and his work as a professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University, he has various interests. He visited many countries including Latin America, Africa and India as a social activist. He is known for focusing on the centrality of human values, a peaceful civilized co-existence and Islamic reference. Ramadan chairs the Research Centre of Islamic Legislation and Ethics at Doha, Qatar.. Ramadan authored more than thirty books including “Western Muslims and the future of Islam.”; “Islam, the West, and the Challenge of Modernity.” In “The Arab Awakening”, Ramadan tackles the issue of orienting the Arab revolutions or Arab Spring which he names it, uprisings” rather than “revolutions”. The book consists of an introduction, four chapters and sequels. In the introduction, Ramadan poses certain questions; what did really happen in Tunisia and Egypt? And what is happening now in the Arab region and its timing? Through the four chapters of the book, we find him focus on the context of the uprisings which are raging in the Arab world, the internal and external factors which caused them. Ramadan also discusses the contradictory Western policy which backed dictators in the Arab world and, simultaneously, pledge support now to the activists who are against the dictators. Ramadan also illustrates extensively the intricate relationships between Islam, Islamism and secularism. But in regard to the Islamic reference, he singles out one whole chapter for it.

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