Effect of Post-harvest Washing Methods on Shelf-Life of Different Potato Varieties

أبو زنادة, إسماعيل على and أبو عميرة, عز الدين محمد (2012) Effect of Post-harvest Washing Methods on Shelf-Life of Different Potato Varieties. Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series), 16 (1). pp. 55-64. ISSN 2070-3155 (Print), ISSN 2521-893X (Online)

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An experiment of postharvest washing was carried out on tubers of five potato varieties: Almera, Arnova, Fontana, Artemis and Spunta. Pre-storage washing methods were used: 1- without-washing 2- water-washing 3- chlorine-water and water-washing. Tubers were stored at 3-5 0C and 90- 95% RH. Spunta and Fontana hade the significantly highest percentage of tubers decay during the early storage periods, while Fontana, Spunta and Almera produced the highest percentage of decay at storage end. Washing treatments revealed no significant effect on percentage of tubers decay, whereas chlorine-water and water-washing treatment produced the least percentage of decay. In general, the interactions of varieties with the different washing treatments had no significant effect on percentage of decay, where Fontana×without washing followed by Fontana×waterwashing produced the significantly highest decay percentage after 18 weeks. Similar significant trend was noticed for Spunta×without washing and Spunta×water-washing. Tubers loss in weigh percentage of Spunta cv. produced the least weight loss. Washing methods were insignificantly different, where chlorine-water and water-washing had the least weight loss. Interactions of Spunta×the two washing methods, Arnova×water-washing and Arnova×chlorine-water and water-washing significantly decreased loss in weight during storage with no significantly differences among them. Arnova and Artemis cvs were recommended. Keywords: Storage treatments; potato washing; postharvest physiology

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