Othello And The Discourse Of Orientalis

الأسمر, جميل (2005) Othello And The Discourse Of Orientalis. Al-Aqsa University Journal (Humanities Series), 9 (1). pp. 90-103. ISSN 2070 - 3147 (Print), ISSN 2518-5810 (Online)

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ذلك في جو من الغيرة , فالنقاد الغربيون يعتبرون هذا الزواج غير متكافئ لكون العروس دزدومونا أوروبية والعروس اوثلو عربي مغربي، ولقد عومل بنوع من الكراهية والاحتقار على ذنب شرعي ارتكبه من زواجه بدزدومونا، فالضحية هو البطل، والذي خطط لذلك الرجل الأبيض, وهذا يتفق مع نظرية الاستشراف. وقد ناقش الباحث مسألة التقليل من قيمته واثبت من خلال الدراسة أن البطل رجل مكروه ، بغيض وضيف يبعث الضجر والسأم . لقد بالغ شكسبير في تصوير سذاجة بطله، وعرضه بأنه رجل سريع الانقياد وقد أثبتت الدراسة بساطة البطل المتفقة مع فكر وحديث الاستشراف من خلال إظهار بساطة الشرقي، وسذاجته كما يراها المستشرقون. وأخيرًا تبين أن البطل (الذي لا يختلف عن أي شرقي )أبدعه كاتب غربي خبير في الشئون الشرقية في نفس ورشة عمل الاستشراف The purpose of this research is to show whether Othello, the man, does commune with the general discourse of Orientalism or not. Othello is played out in the burning hatred of the stranger, in the clash of races and in opposition of beliefs- and beyond all in the atmosphere of jealousy. So, western critics called this union between Othello and Desdemona unequal marriage as the bride is European and the groom is an Arab Moor. He was treated with contempt and despised by all Venetians for a crime he committed- that is his union with a white Venetian girl. Therefore, Othello is essentialy a natural victim to a white man’s scheme, and he fulfills some of the demands of Orientalism. Furthermore, Shakespeare does not love his hero. I am going to discuss the devaluation of Othello and how he was dehumanized by the white man. I will, also, try to prove that Othello was a disinclined, repugnant and a wearied of guest. Shakespeare exaggerated his hero’s naivety and exposed him as an easily-led man which does commune with the same discourse of Orientlaism which, in its term, insists on exposing an Oriental as naïve and simple. At the end I will gather up causes which exactly comply and correspond with the aim of Orientalism. This will be by interpreting the causes of his crime, and I will try to apply these causes to commune with a similar action through which an Easterner would not spare a moment to kill his female if she gets involved in illegal sexual affairs. Finally, these proofs will give indication that Othello, who is not different from any Oriental, was created by a Western expert (in Oriental affairs) in the same workshop of Orientalism.

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