Catching Fire as a Western Spring: Concepts of Power and Resistance

هياجنة, دارين سعيد (2017) Catching Fire as a Western Spring: Concepts of Power and Resistance. Masters thesis, جامعة الشرق الاوسط.

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There are many research papers that were conducted about dystopian literature concerning the elements of power and resistance in dystopian societies, but little is known about discussing dystopian novels through the spectacle of western spring. This study, aims to investigate the concepts of power and resistance in Suzanne Collins‟ Catching Fire (2009) and western spring according to the events that took place in the novel. The sample of the study is the second book of Suzanne Collins‟ The Hunger Games trilogy which is Catching Fire (2009), a science fiction dystopian novel. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, two methods were adopted; the descriptive and qualitative method. Thus, the behavior of characters, events and symbols of the novel that represent power and resistance were analyzed. This research has classified the concepts of power and resistance in Panem; the fictional X country where the events of the novel take places in. By explaining the coercive power of the Capitol, and how it uses disciplinary structures like heavy surveillance, and public executions to dominate citizens. Also, by exposing the characters that represent the negative form of power, for instance like President Snow. In addition to that, this research reveals the concept of resistance represented by the revolution and uprisings that occurred in Panem, which were orchestrated by certain characters in the novel. Moreover, this research has also pointed out the symbol of power like the Hunger Games, and the symbol of resistance which is the mockingjay bird. This research has tackled the idea of western spring through the uprisings and riots that occurred in different districts. Citizens are calling for their basic right; to be treated as human beings. They are calling for justice and freedom by expressing their frustration through strikes and riots in several districts. Their problem is not personal with President Snow himself, it is with the inhumane acts of the Capitol. Key words: Western spring, power, resistance, dystopian fiction, science fiction.

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