Sumour, Muneer A. and EL-ASTAL, Ali H. and Radwan, Mohammed A. and Shabat, Mohammed M. (2008) URBAN SEGREGATION WITH CHEAP AND EXPENSIVE RESIDENCES. International Journal of Modern Physics C, 19 (4). pp. 637-645. ISSN 0129-1831

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In this paper we study urban segregation of two di�erent communities A and B, rich and poor, distributed randomly on �nite samples, to check cheap and expensive residences. For this purpose we avoid the complications of the Schelling model which are not necessary and instead we use the Ising model on 500�500 square lattices, which gives similar results, with random magnetic �eld at lower and higher temperatures (kBT=J = 2:0, 99.0) in �nite times equal to 40, 400, 4000 and 40 000. This random-�eld Ising magnet is a suitable model, where each site of the square lattice carries a magnetic �eld �h which is randomly up (expensive) or down (cheap). The resulting addition to the energy prefers up-spins on the expensive and down-spins on the cheap sites. Our simulations were carried out using a 50-line FORTRAN program. We present at a lower temperature (2.0) a time series of pictures, separating growing from non-growing domains. A small random �eld (h = �0:1) allows for large domains, while a large random �eld (h = �0:9) allows only small clusters. At higher temperature (99.0) we could not obtain growing domains.

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