Test of universality in anisotropic 3D Ising model

Sumour, Muneer A. and Stauffer, Dietrich and Shabat, Mohammed M. and EL-ASTAL, Ali H. (2006) Test of universality in anisotropic 3D Ising model. Physica A, 368. pp. 96-100. ISSN 0378-4371

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Chen and Dohm predicted theoretically in 2004 that the widely believed universality principle is violated in the Ising model on the simple cubic lattice with more than only six nearest neighbours. Schulte and Drope by Monte Carlo simulations found such violation, but not in the predicted direction. Selke and Shchur tested the square lattice. Here, we check only this universality for the susceptibility ratio near the critical point. For this purpose we study first the standard Ising model on a simple cubic lattice with six nearest neighbours, then with six nearest and 12 next-nearest neighbours, and compare the results with the Chen–Dohm lattice of six nearest neighbours and only half of the 12 next-nearest neighbours. We do not confirm the violation of universality found by Schulte and Drope in the susceptibility ratio.

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