Optimization of tramadol–PVC membrane electrodes using miscellaneous plasticizers and ion-pair complexes

Abu Shawish, Hazem M. and Saadeh, Salman M. and Al-Dalou, Ayoub R. and Ghalwa, Nasser Abu and Assi, Anwar A. Abou (2011) Optimization of tramadol–PVC membrane electrodes using miscellaneous plasticizers and ion-pair complexes. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 31 (2). pp. 300-306. ISSN 09284931

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Effect of the ISE membrane composition on the characteristics of the tramadol–PVC-electrodes has been investigated. The parameters studied include the effect of the plasticizer and the effect of the ion-pair complex. The plasticizers used were 2-nitrophenyl octyl ether (2-NPOE), dioctyl phthalate (DOP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), tris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate (TEPh), dioctyl sebacate (DOS), tributyl phosphate (TBPh) and dibutyl butyl phosphonate (DBBPh) and the ion-pair complexes were tramadolium–silicotungstate (TD–ST), silicomolybdate (TD–SM). These electrodes were fully characterized in terms of composition, life span, usable pH range and working concentration range. The results showed that the best combination was TD–ST as the ion-pair complex and DBP as the plasticizer that produced the electrode with favorable characteristics. Another electrode using TD–SM was tested and produced close results. The present electrodes show clear discrimination of tramadol hydrochloride from several inorganic, organic ions, sugars and some common drug excipients. The sensors were applied for determination of tramadol hydrochloride in urine, milk and pharmaceutical preparations using potentiometric determination, standard addition and the calibration curve methods. The results obtained were satisfactory with excellent percentage recovery comparable and sometimes better than those obtained by other routine methods for the assay.

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